There aren’t many things better than beating “Essedon”

May 6, 2018 by
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There aren’t many things better than beating “Essedon”……well maybe beating Collingwood….it’s a toss of the coin. I am sure they have some lovely supporters, I just haven’t met many. Take exhibit A – that mug that threw a barrage of abuse at Big Maxy over the fence on the weekend. I have written this before but I really don’t have time for supporters that can’t even pronounce the team they support correctly!

So an early Sunday morning start (10am Jakarta time) had me filled with anticipation and hope that we could deliver more heartache to ever deserving Dons supporters and turn around our season after the last 2 weeks of hiccups.

It is fair to say that the start was not the most inspiring of games. With only 3 goals in the first quarter and ourselves with one it appeared that our recent absence of scoring power would continue. The second quarter wasn’t much better but then “Essedon” did a Melbourne allowing 7 goals to 1 after the main break as the Dees treated their opponents like witches’ hats and we ended up cruising to a solid, and much needed 6 goal win.

There were many positives in the game, Big Maxy was dominate, TMac showed just how critical a player he is to our side. Not to be outdone his younger brother OMac blanketed the dangerous Daniher and our young forward line of Fritsch, Hannan and first gamer in Spargo were dangerous all day combining for 8 goals between them.

We are back at Docklands this Sunday against the Saints. They haven’t been in great form of late but they have been a side we have struggled to beat in the past. But it won’t happen this Sunday as we look for 2 wins in a row and climb back up the ladder where we belong.


Gawn 5
Salem 4
Hannan 3
Hibberd 2
O.MacDonald 1


Salem 5
Hannan 4
O.MacDonald 3
Fritsch 2
Spargo 1


Hogan 18
Gawn 15
Oliver 14
Petracca 12
Jones 8
Salem 6
Garlett 5
Melksham 4
Hannan 3
Hibberd 2
Bugg 1
Neal Bullen 1
O.MacDonald 1


Hogan 22
Oliver 17
Petracca 15
Salem 11
Tyson 8
Fritsch 4
Hannan 4
Neal Bullen 3
O.MacDonald 3
Bugg 2
Harmes 1
Lever 1
Spargo 1

Hogan continues to lead both awards but with a quieter night from our key forward it has seen Big Maxy Gawn close the gap in the Lukey Tapscott.

Go Dees!


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