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Round 24 – The Team
Four players have been added to the team this week: Rohan Bail, Matthew Bate, Jack Fitzpatrick and Daniel Nicholson. As expected Liam Jurrah is out of the side due to injury. Congratulations to Stef Martin who will play his 50th AFL match.
Bail and Bate both starred for Casey last week while young Fitzpatrick also put in a bid for a first game and a forward role with four goals for Casey. The key question – will Cale get a run in the mid field this week after being named in the role for the first time! Could be a winning move from Coach Viney.
B: Sam Blease, James Frawley, Tom McDonald
HB: Colin Garland, Jared Rivers, Clint Bartram
C: Nathan Jones, Jordie McKenzie, Jamie Bennell
HF: Brad Green, Jack Watts, Jack Trengove
F: Tom Scully, Stef Martin, Neville Jetta
FOLL: Mark Jamar, Cale Morton, Brent Moloney
I/C (from): Matthew Bate, Tom McNamara, Luke Tapscott, Jeremy Howe, Rohan Bail, Jack Fitzpatrick, Daniel Nicholson
IN: Rohan Bail, Matthew Bate, Jack Fitzpatrick, Daniel Nicholson
OUT: Liam Jurrah (wrist)
NEW: Jack Fitzpatrick


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