Watching the Dees beat the Bombers by a point – priceless!

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Watching the Dees beat the Bombers by a point – priceless! by Darren Spence 3 stitches in my hand for hitting the bar when Zaharakis kicked that 2nd goal – $0 (covered by insurance), cost of cracking the bar – 1 beer to the bar manager, watching the Demons beat the Bombers by a point – PRICELESS!

The stitches scar will be a ‘war wound’ I carry around forever it what will be a constant reminder of what has to be one of the best wins I have seen the Mighty Dees pull off. ‘Pull off’ is a very subjective term because ‘Essedon’ really should have put us away on Sunday. I know with the ASADA investigation looming over the players’ head they currently have more ‘steaks’ on the table than Bill Brownless’ lunch order, but goalless at 1/4 time, ‘roughly’ 3000 less inside 50’s, 14 points down with the opposition having all the momentum it is fair to say the Bombers fans would have left the ground on Sunday evening feeling like Jeff Kennett after losing the state election wondering ‘ how on earth did we lose that!?’  Me on the other hand have watched the final 2 minutes a grand total of 184 times.

Incidentally did anyone watch ‘Access All Areas’ on the AFL website on Monday? They again showed the footage of the last 2 minutes and whilst Garry Lyon was pumping up Christian Salem, Damian Barrett chimes in with a smug remark about how few possessions he got!. Lyon quickly reminded him that he did come on as the sub (did Barrett even watch the game or just look at the stats!?). Look I know he is a journalist and he gets paid to write and say things and he is entitled to his own opinions but can’t he just be man enough and admit he has made some comments in error? He still goes on about the Viney incident and even if Salem won 3 Brownlow medals he would still be claiming the Demons stuffed up at last years’ draft.

So in the style of his sliding doors article here is my homage to Damian Barrett. IF Damian Barrett can admit he hates the Dees and has made some erroneous calls about our mighty club in the past THEN I might take him seriously as a journalist (actually even after his admission I probably still wouldn’t).

Apparently there is another sporting event going on at the moment but that is as much as I am going to talk about it so let’s get to the real game played on Sunday afternoon. As I mentioned, ‘Essedon’ did dominate most of the game – I was praying that we would jump them early and when this didn’t eventuate I thought we would be in for a long day. But this isn’t the Demons outfit of old. Bar the Eagles game, we have been in every contest at 3/4 time this year – certainly makes for better viewing for long suffering Dees fans!

Dunn was fantastic (16 – yes 16 rebound 50’s! and 11 marks)……if they were picking the extended All Australian list now and he wasn’t in it then I have been watching a different game all year (or Damian Barrett is a selector). Nathan Jones did what Nathan Jones does week in week out, Kent slotted back into the side and kicked 2 handy 2nd half goals – one an absolute blinder, Pederson continues his career best form and the way Chippa is playing I doubt he will be in the back half any time soon. Tyson and Viney were great in the clutches and Cross showed what a great asset he has been to the club with his composure, experience and leadership.

This week we find ourselves playing again on Sunday against another team that thrashed us by over 100 points last year. But as last week showed last year counts for nothing. North (or ‘Norf’) have been unpredictable this year so which team turns up is anyone’s guess – the Demons, however, have been predictable and you can head to watch the game on Sunday knowing that the boys will be disciplined, well drilled and have an increased belief in themselves that they can take it up to any side…..just please don’t cause me to whack the bar again!…..yes it was worth it but it did hurt! Go Dees Darren Spence


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