Watching footy in Jakarta

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Watching footy in Jakarta, The Age, supporting the Dees and v Tigers on Anzac Eve

Darren Spence – our correspondent in Jakarta

I…….<delete>, How…….<delete>, Why…….<delete>, expletive……<delete>. I have started writing this review about 5 times; it has not been easy! I have been disappointed more often than not over following the Dees for more than 40 years and it is fair to say the weekend performance was up there with the most disconsolate I have felt in a long time – well since 5 games ago – last round last year but I am not going to go there!

I thought/hoped disaster games were passed us now and the way we started the game I was extremely pumped up at quarter time. 20 points up, Kent with 3, Hogan highest possession getter on the ground there was a lot to like about the way the Dees were playing. It wasn’t just me that felt that way, I was watching with a few Hawks supporters and one of them actually left at quarter time believing Melbourne were going to thrash his boys……he obviously has not followed Melbourne’s past form very much!

After quarter time there is very little to write about. 1 goal to 15 says it all.

There is a silver lining however…..I assume most of you have read the article in The Age from their correspondent based in Jakarta about questioning whether to make his imminent new born support the Dees? Well anyway I got hold of him and (when he is back from working overseas) we are going to start watching games together! It will be great to watch games again with a Dees fan, it has been a while! Our first game will be the Saints on May 6 but before that we have the Tigers on Anzac Eve. Watch for the boys to come out firing – they have a lot to prove and what better way to do in a blockbuster game!

Votes this week


Oliver 5
Hogan 4
Petracca 3
Jones 2
Neal Bullen 1


Oliver 5
Hogan 4
Petracca 3
Neal Bullen 2
Salem 1


Hogan 15
Petracca 12
Gawn 9
Oliver 9
Jones 6
Garlett 5
Salem 2
Bugg 1
Neal Bullen 1


Hogan 18
Petracca 15
Oliver 12
Tyson 5
Salem 4
Neal Bullen 3
Fritsch 2
Bugg 2
Harmes 1

Hulk continues to lead both awards at this stage of the year.

Go Dees


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