What 11 Minutes?

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What Did Happen?
What did happen in that 11 minutes in the 3rd quarter against Richmond.  Find out the answers to that question and to all your other questions at the Match Day Brunch in Sydney on Saturday 19 May 2012. See details on the Events page.

Melbourne v Richmond Review – Darren Spence

Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying ‘All models are flawed….but some are useful’. This sentiment must be ringing in the Melbourne brains trust as we continue to suffer the pain of implementing a new game plan suited to AFL football in 2012. The anticipatory hope of a Demons win was quickly snuffed out with another poor 3rd quarter on the weekend. Our insipid performances after the main break is becoming a worrying trend for the club and simply cannot be put down to implementing new structures and game plan etc…I don’t know the answer – perhaps Albert does? What you don’t need Einstein to figure out is that Neeld is going to keep repeating statements iterating that implementing a new model will take time and he is bang on in what he is saying. In the immortal words of Bon Jovi ‘We gotta keep the faith’. 
Let’s look back and there were still some positives we can draw from the game.
I was Hounding Howe last year and I will happily do it again this year as he punched out a career high 24 possessions, kicked 2 goals and took 12 marks against the Tiges. He really seems to be relishing his rotating role in the midfield and is showing us all that on top of his already burgeoning bag of tricks he has a great engine to boot. This guy has still yet to play 20 games for the club and he is definitely a player all Demons fans can get excited about.  Chippa Frawley is back to All Australian form in my opinion and on the weekend he completely shut out the dangerous Riewoldt.  Jordie Mac is another that can hold his head up high as I thought he did a fantastic job (especially in the first half) on Trent Cotchin.
In the absence of Beamer and Sylvia in the midfield, Nathan Jones continues to show why he is in our leadership group with another terrific game on the weekend. He is hard at it, his disposal efficiency has improved over recent years and from a guy that was dropped from the side not that too long ago he really has taken his game to a new level and is now one of the most important players at the club.  Other honorable mentions this week to Mitch Clark – who provided a contest all day and kicked 2 goals and Jack Watts who continues to improve and took 9 marks.


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