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I thought long and hard about what to write in this weeks’ review.

Darren Spence – our correspondent in Jakarta

I could write about how on early Sunday morning I had to turn the lights on at the pub as for some unknown reason Australia + didn’t show the game but you don’t want to read about that.

I could also write about how I turned up exuding extreme confidence which only grew after we shot out to a 19 to zero lead but I guess you also don’t want to read about that.

I might write about how alarming our defensive pressure was on Sunday or how easy of late it seems for opposition teams to score against us or how our turnovers are so very costly but I know you have read enough about that.

I thought about writing about some of the umpiring decisions and how our club has been slammed in the media post game across many facets from selection decisions to effort on game day but again you have read all about that all over social media.

I then could write about how there was daylight between Gawn and any other Dees player on Sunday but I know you already know that.

Finally I thought I could then just write about how once again we let a game we all know we should have won slip through our fingers and really only have ourselves to blame if we miss the 8 this year but I know you definitely don’t want to read about that.

So what I will write about is the game on Saturday night. We are back up north in our ‘home’ game this time against the Dockers. I can see this going very similar to the Crows game in Alice a few weeks ago. The Dockers have a few key injuries and the boys have a very strong point to prove and the Mighty Dees will win…..Now I know you all want to read about that!


Gawn 5
Viney 4
Fritsch 3
Brayshaw 2
Harmes 1


Oliver 31
Hogan 27
Gawn 23
Brayshaw 20
Jones 17
Melksham 14
Petracca 12
T.MacDonald 11
Viney 10
Salem 7
Lever 6
Jetta 6
Fritsch 6
Garlett 5
Harmes 4
Hibberd 4
Hannan 3
Bugg 1
Neal Bullen 1
O.MacDonald 1


Viney 5
Fritsch 4
Brayshaw 3
Harmes 2
Oliver 1


Oliver 41
Hogan 33
Brayshaw 25
Fritsch 19
Petracca 15
Salem 15
Viney 14
Tyson 11
Lever 10
Harmes 10
Neal Bullen 7
Hannan 4
O.MacDonald 3
Bugg 2
Smith 2
Spargo 1

Not much change in both awards as Oliver continues to hold his lead in both.

Keep the faith and Go Dees!!!


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