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Last week

It might have taken until the last few minutes to secure victory but a win is a win is a win!  And didn’t the boys delight in singing the team song!  A very even performance by the team highlighted by superb performances from our own two sponsored players Jamie Bennell and Jack Grimes.  If you haven’t joined up to the NSW Demons sponsorship now’s the time to invest in the future of the MFC and Jamie and Jack – details here.

This week

Melbourne takes on Richmond this weekend and it looks like Sylvia will play and Newton might be the unlucky player to miss out.  The big danger this week is heaven forbid! – overconfidence with Richmond truly having a shocking start to the season on and off the field.

The team
Backs: McDonald, Warnock, Frawley
Half backs: Bruce, Garland, Dunn
Centreline: Trengove, Davey, Bartram
Half forwards: Green, Petterd, Jones
Forwards: Sylvia, Bate, Bail
Followers: Jamar, Grimes, Moloney
I/C From: MacDonald, McKenzie, Scully, Bennell, Newton, Cheney, Spencer

Team Changes:
In: Sylvia, Cheney, Spencer


The game will be telecast on Sunday 18 April at 1.10pm on both Seven and Fox Sports 1.  Join other Demons supporters and watch the game on the Big Screen at the Camelia Grove Hotel, 146 Henderson Rd, Alexandria.  Ph:02 9516 5611  Check out their website at

As always enjoy your weekend and Go Dees.



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