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Round 4 – West Coast Eagles V Melbourne

Liam Chambers

The Eagles’ home ground is less Colosseum like these days. The baying crowds are still there but they are now significantly less intimidating for visiting teams. In fact Optus Stadium evokes pleasant memories of our 2021 Premiership.

Bailey Fritsch opened the scoring after marking an Ed Langdon specialty; the pocket to centre kick.

The Demons looked in control for the first few minutes but after that West Coast started to increase the pressure on Melbourne’s defence. However the young side struggled to make the most of their opportunities whereas the Dees were clinical when presented with a target. Kysaiah Pickett announced his return by collecting the bouncing ball in the centre and snapping a kick to Tom McDonald inside 50. The forward plucked the sherrin from the air and converted easily from 40m.

The Eagles regrouped and finally got into a scoring position when Jack Darling centered the ball to Noah Long 30m to the left of the uprights. The goal inspired the hosts and they threw themselves at Melbourne with renewed vigor. When Oscar Allen was awarded a free kick on the edge of the goal square, his around the corner kick meant the Eagles drew level on the scoreboard.

They tried but were unable to build on their momentum before T Mac marked a Jack Viney kick 25m out and went back to kick his second of the quarter. Melbourne had now scored three goals from six inside 50s; a stat to gladden the hearts of the faithful.

The Eagles continued to worry the Dees in their defensive 50 but rarely looked dangerous in attack. Up the other end, the Demons were causing sorts of bother for the home side. Bailey Fritsch’s kick from the 50m arc had Tom McDonald and Charlie Spargo running for the ball with only one Eagle for company. McDonald was unable to mark but Spargo collected the ground ball and snapped from the top of the goal square.

Tom McDonald was involved again when his inside 50 delivery was marked by Bailey Fritsch, 35m to the right of goal. Fritsch’s set shot after the siren gave the Dees a seventeen point quarter time lead.

After the break, the Eagles resumed the pressure on Melbourne. There was little reward though as West Coast made mistakes, frequently turning the ball over. They also scrambled to contain the Demons when they threatened to score. Eventually Bailey Fritsch had a half chance as he turned and snapped to notch up his hat trick.

Both sides were tackling hard but Melbourne was seeing much more of the ball, with the Eagles struggling to get into their forward 50. Even though the Dees had chances to extend their lead, they were unable to convert.

Then Tim Kelly was awarded a 50m penalty and he scored from the 50m line for a much needed West Coast goal, reducing the margin to nineteen points. Alex Neal-Bullen extended it out again when he trapped and snapped form 25m in front, after a convoluted run of play from Melbourne.

A minute later and Connor West was awarded a high tackle free. He converted from 40m to again bring it back to nineteen. Then with forty seconds to go in the half, Jack Viney was able to kick to the hot spot in front of goal where Charlie Spargo collect the mark. He decided to run quickly turning and snapping for his second.

West Coast was still in the game at the start of the third quarter and they had a few chances early on but were unable to make them count. Melbourne also had opportunities go begging until Christian Petracca took a mark 40m from home, then played on and snapped the first of the term.

After that goal, the Dees moved up a gear. Bailey Fritsch delivered a well weighted kick to Jack Viney who went back and hit the target.

West Coast wasn’t quite ready to raise the white flag yet though and Oscar Allen took a contested mark 30m out. His conversion restored some optimism to the fans. That optimism seemed premature however, as a minute later Kade Chandler sent a hand ball over the top to an unguarded T Mac standing near the goal square. The big forward was able to steer it through for a goal, much to the disappointment of the blue and yellow crowd seated in the stand behind the uprights.

Melbourne won the next clearance and ran for goal, fumbling back and forth along the way before Kade Chandler was able to run and snap, giving the Dees a forty one point lead. Then it was a case of McDonald goes fourth when he received a handpass from Pickett and launched a kick from 55m. The ball sailed over the top and bounced just over the line, shepherded along by Fritsch.

Jacob van Rooyen continued to build on his impressive debut in Round 3, marking the contested ball in front of goal. His set shot went through cleanly and the lead was out to fifty four points. Melbourne had completely dominated the quarter both on the ground and on the scoreboard. However it was West Coast who had the last word when Oscar Allen kicked his third from a set shot after the siren.

With a forty nine point lead, it looked like the Dees had it all wrapped up at the start of the final term. No rest for the Demons though. They piled on the pressure in their forward half and it finally paid off when Christian Petracca took a mark and slotted a 50m set shot for his second goal.

Whether you’re a Dee or an ex Dee it didn’t matter; the goals just kept coming, with Jayden Hunt marking in front and kicking it through for his new club.

When Tracca is playing well, it’s pure poetry. His pinpoint accurate kick to pick out van Rooyen in the square was perfect. The young gun then kicked around the corner to claim his second. There is much to admire about van Rooyen but his ability to instinctively know what he needs to do is hugely impressive. You can’t teach that.

Kozzy Pickett finally got his first major after a few false starts earlier in the game. His pick up of the ground ball and casual tap in make it look so easy. Sam Petrevski-Seton got one back with his set shot in front of goal before Tim Kelly added another following the bounce. Pickett got the last with his 30m set shot. He would have wanted more but I’m sure he’s saving it for the Bombers in Adelaide on Saturday.

Essendon will be tough. They’re playing very well this year and they always raise their game when fronting up to the Demons. Expect an entertaining fast paced game.

Go the Mighty Dees!!!

Narrm comfortably win debut game

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Round 10 – North Melbourne V Narrm

Liam Chambers

After last week’s stellar display against a passionate and determined Eagles in Perth, the Dees were back in Melbourne. Their first game under a temporary moniker, the players looked impressive in newly designed Indigenous guernseys. For the Sir Doug Nicholls rounds, I’ll be referring to our team as Narrm.

The more games the Demons win, the more our opponents want to beat us. The Roos would definitely go in hard initially but their 2022 form has seen them flagging in the latter stages of the game.

No first minute goal this week, in fact it took ten on the clock before Ed Langdon was awarded a free kick for what was deemed a dangerous tackle. It may have technically been within the rules, but Ed would have been feeling the pain. It didn’t interfere with his kicking skills though and he made the round the corner kick look easy.

North finally made it back inside 50 where Todd Goldstein was able to outmark Steven May (no easy feat) in front of goal. He converted and the Roos were on the board. The goal inspired the hosts and they were quickly back in their forward half. North were applying the pressure and creating chances. Young future hopeful Jason Horne-Francis intercepted the stoppage ball before being taken high in a tackle. His set shot gave North Melbourne their second goal in the space of a few minutes.

Now the Roos were brimming with confidence and putting Narrm’s defence under some serious strain. The disposal rate was impressive, as was their tackling and kicking efficiency.

However the Demons kept their heads and thought their way out of trouble before continuing up the ground. When Charlie Spargo spotted Tom McDonald in a favourable position, he pinpointed his kick to the big forward. T Mac easily took the contested mark and went back to score from 30m out. Shortly afterwards, Trent Rivers had a lucky break when awarded a free kick, then a 50m penalty. No comment. His 50m set shot was terrific and Narrm had a handy nine point lead.

North was full of surprises though and they won the centre clearance launching the ball straight inside 50. Cameron Zurhaar gathered the loose ball and snapped a rocket from 45m. The ball sailed through for the Roos’ third.

Bayley Fritsch had a second chance on goal after his tackle near the square won him a free kick. His round the corner snap was textbook and the Dees had a ten point lead at quarter time.

Ben Brown was playing his 150th game and his work rate was as good as ever. Unfortunately he was having difficulty connecting with the target when it came to adding to his tally for the season. Possibly the pressure of the milestone was a playing on his mind.

Nick Larkey had no such distractions when he went back to kick his 40m set shot. There was no doubt that the Roos were feeling the passion and the home fans were ecstatic. Unfortunately, it was bad news for the Dees when Ed Langdon was subbed out due to the earlier incident in the first term. On the bright side though, it gave Toby Bedford another chance to gain some top flight game experience.

First though, there was the question of a resurgent North Melbourne. Cameron Zurhaar got his second goal when his set shot split the middle. The Roos were in front and the roar of the crowd was deafening. Luck was on Narrm’s side though as Tom McDonald was awarded a free kick to the side of goal. North’s fans were far from happy with respect to the Umpire’s allegedly dubious decision.

Tom remained unflustered by the crowd’s boos reigning down from above and slotted another round the corner kick for the Dees. The luck continued after Christian Petracca’s kick from 60m landed out on the full. Kyron Hayden kicked it straight to Bayley Fritsch who kicked straight into the goal.

Trailing by two goals, North would need to dig deep to win back the momentum they’d built earlier in the term. Then it got just a little bit harder when Kysaiah Pickett marked 40m out in the pocket and kicked as clean a set shot as you could wish for.

Cameron Zurhaar continued to keep North Melbourne in the game. His round the corner snap 20m from goal brought up his hat trick and it was back to twelve points. The Roos were definitely making a competition of it but Narrm were proving increasingly difficult to fend off. Then Kysaiah Pickett got in his own Demon zone and when he does that, there’s no stopping him. It was a case of receiving the handball at 60m out, then a bit of bobbing and weaving before launching a kick from 30m and watching it sail through.

North continued to duke it out with the Dees but were unable to add to their tally by half time.

A lead of twenty points going into the second half was a solid base to build on but the Dees continued to face challenges form the Roos. When Jack Ziebell marked the ball from 40m out and kicked the set shot, North was right back in it. They continued to give it a red hot go but Narrm dealt calmly with the pressure. The defence performed all sorts of acrobatics but continued to hold North Melbourne at bay.

Eventually, the pressure proved too much, and the dam broke. It was Tristan Xerri who provided the final input needed when he received the handpass at the top of the square and drop kicked the ball to make it a one goal game. The Roos continued to believe and continued to keep Narrm goalless in the third quarter.

That was until Ben Brown took a mark on the the edge of 50m. Brown saw Toby Bedford running into clear space and didn’t hesitate to place the ball ahead of him. It bounced just in front of the small forward and Bedford collected, ran on before kicking through the posts and high into the middle of the adoring Demon fans.

Ben Brown was involved again when his lumbering gathering and passing of the ball found Jake Melksham. The forward snapped it from 50m and watched it land on the correct side of the goal line. It was a cruel blow for North on the cusp of three quarter time but also illustrated why the reigning premiers have not lost a single game in the last seventeen outings.

At the start of the final term, Narrm looked intent on finishing the game in style and set off with a focused determination. It didn’t take long for the effort to pay off when a Charlie Spargo hand pass to Tom Sparrow saw the midfielder with enough room to turn and chip one into the open goal.

Tom McDonald is proving adept at marking the ball in difficult circumstances and the control to take the ball just under his chest was impressive. He went back and scored his hat trick. The thirty four point lead was now looking unassailable for North Melbourne.

Max Gawn has been relatively quiet in front of goal over the last couple of games but he had an opportunity when he was awarded a free kick 25m out form goal. Gawny has scored spectacular majors from 50m this year but the fans are still nervous when he’s closer to the target. They need not have worried as Big Max’s aim was spot on and the margin ticked up to thirty nine points. Immediately after the bounce, Bayley Fritsch had another and the Dees’ total was ninety nine points on the board.

Overall, it was another solid win. When you’re top of the table, there as no easy games but Round 11 will be a major test for the Demons. Though not as unblemished after two loses in a row, Freemantle are still a formidable side. Is there rain forecast for Saturday afternoon?

Go the Mighty Dees!!!

Saints struggle as Dees scale new heights

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Round 8 – Melbourne V St Kilda

Liam Chambers

It took twenty eight seconds for Kysaiah Pickett to open the scoring for Melbourne after he scooped up the loose ball and booted it off his right foot, 20m from home.

It took another fourteen minutes and another small forward in the right place for the Dees’ second. Charlie Spargo marked the ball on the edge of the square from a brilliant James Harmes kick, which was launched from deep in the pocket. Spargo played on quickly to secure the major.

By now the Saints were locked into their defensive half with Melbourne chasing the next goal. It came almost by accident with a Trent Rivers’ kick from just outside 50. The ball landed about a metre from the line before bouncing across unaided.

St Kilda continued to pressure the Dees but was unable to get near the goal. It was all Melbourne with Pickett having another couple of shots before his running kick from 40m found the target.

Then with fifteen seconds remaining, Tim Membrey marked just outside the goal square. Frustratingly for St Kilda, his kick was deemed touched by Harrison Petty and the Saints finished the term goalless.

While the Dees were impressive in the first quarter, they moved up a gear in the second. The footy was flowing one way and it was all Melbourne. Ben Brown found himself with plenty of space in front of goal when he marked a Tom McDonald kick. Brown had the luxury of a few extra steps before tapping into the open goal.

Rowan Marshall provided some hope to the Saints’ fans with his mark and conversion 15m to the left of goal. That would be their last reason for optimism for some time, as the hosts moved into the Demon zone. Tom McDonald got the ball rolling with his beautifully timed mark. His shot from 35m brought up the first goal of his 200th game.

Angus Brayshaw got the next when his running kick from 45m crossed the line. One of the Dees’ best and most versatile players, Brayshaw can do it all.

Young Jake Bowey just keeps improving. His run on to mark the clearance ball was perfectly timed. Then his considered kick to the pack in the pocket allowed Ben Brown to collect the Bayley Fritsch touched ball. Brown was able to run into enough space enabling him to snap an around the corner kick on goal.

It sounds counter intuitive, considering their fourteen wins in a row, but Melbourne were playing their best football of the year. They were everywhere and everything was going right. Tom McDonald kicked his second with a shot reminiscent of Ben Brown’s previous effort. The margin was now out to forty five points.

Tim Membrey was able to arrest the flow with his gathering of the ground ball. His turn and snap allowed the Saints some breathing space. From then on they managed to spend more time in their forward half, as Melbourne’s intensity dropped. They finally got rewarded when Paddy Ryder secured a free kick in front of goal.

With the Dees having played their third quarter in the second term, the expectation was St Kilda would push hard and claw back some momentum.

From the start of the second half, the Saints were more in control. However their pace was slow and their constant passing across the field allowed Melbourne plenty of time to get players behind the ball. Eventually though the pressure told and Max King was able to mark right on the top of the square. With that goal, the Saints’ confidence was up and they were re-energised.

Bayley Fritsch was having a quite afternoon but almost had a chance when his mark in front of goal was originally paid but then overturned after the Umpire cited the ball had been previously touched.

Max King had his second chance when awarded a free kick 30m from goal. Melbourne’s previously high lead had been cut in half and the game was back on. When Tim Membrey had a opportunity to make it a three goal match, he pushed his shot to the right and behind.

The quarter was all one way traffic until Ben Brown marked a touched ball 30m in front. Hemmed in, he had no choice but to turn and snap it off his left boot, toppling over in the process. Fortunately the kick went sailing through and Ben celebrated from his ground level position. The goal took the wind out of the St Kilda’s sails. With the impetus drifting back to the Dees, the Saints were left to rue not being able to take full advantage of their third quarter dominance.

As stated previously, Bayley Fritsch was having a quiet game but he only needs a sniff of a chance and he’s away. His ground ball gather and subsequent rove through the pack saw him find the perfect spot to launch for goal.

It was looking less and less likely that St Kilda were going to kick anywhere near enough goals to catch Melbourne. However, young gun Marcus Windhager did reduce the margin when he kicked his debut for the Saints. Rowan Marshall reduced it further when his set shot from 40m just slipped through.

It was still a four goal game but a hint of optimism had crept back in the visitor’s camp. They kept the pressure up but the Dees absorbed it and then launched a counter offensive. It took awhile but finally Kysaiah Pickett got a chance to add to his tally when he was taken in a high tackle. The set shot from 30m went through and he notched up his hat trick.

St Kilda still didn’t give up and Jack Higgins steered through a set shot that kept the flame flickering.

It was finally snuffed out when James Harmes took an intercepted mark and went back to convert from 40m. Harmes has scored back to back goals a few times this season and when he was awarded a free kick on a tight angle, he did it again.

A great result and a great performance from a great team. Next week the lads travel to Perth. The smart money will be on the Dees for their sixteenth win on the trot. However the Eagles still have the capacity to surprise and the storm interrupted game in 2021 turned from a walkover before the enforced break, to a slim Dees’ win in the end. We should be good though, providing lightning doesn’t strike twice…

Go the Mighty Dees!!!

Hawks take flight early but Dees prevail

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Round 7 – Melbourne V Hawthorn

Liam Chambers

Hawthorn gave Melbourne one of their toughest games last season and with a Covid depleted side, this round would be no picnic.

The Hawks struck early when Jacob Koschitzke marked and scored from 50m out. The veteran Luke Breust made it two unanswered after some uncharacteristic errors and fumbles from the Demons. Breust had another chance shortly afterwards but miskicked for a behind. Watching from isolation, Simon Goodwin would have been a little tense though ultimately confident his side would come good.

Hawthorn had a few more minor scores before Bayley Fritsch stepped up and slotted the Dees’ first. A few minutes later though and the Hawks pulled away again when Connor MacDonald collected a tap down to snap the visitors’ third.

Melbourne’s second came after Christian Petracca kicked a perfectly placed ball to Tom McDonald. The big man went back to kick straight and true. Toby Bedford, so long the spectator, was having a good game. His ground work was excellent but he had yet to kick a goal in the top flight. That changed after Fritsch placed a kick to a spot 35m in front of goal and Bedford ran out to mark it, just above ground level. His conversion caused an avalanche of Dees to descend on the young forward and there was much rejoicing.

With the margin waver thin, the fans knew they had a game on their hands at the beginning of the second term. The match restarted at a frenetic pace with Melbourne determined to add a few more goals.

James Harmes thought he’d score a brilliant individual effort after scooping a tap down, then fending off an attack and launching a bullet off the outside of his boot. Tom McDonald turned party pooper when he marked the ball just before it crossed the line. When later told T Mac owed him a drink, Harmes quipped “he wouldn’t shout if a shark bit him”.

It’s becoming a tradition that Max Gawn scores a long range goal every game now. He duly obliged after marking on the 50m line. Dylan Moore responded when his own 50m shot connected. The Hawks added a couple of minor scores before ex Demon Sam Frost took Ben Brown in a high tackle. Brown kick around the corner and the lead was back out to ten points.

The tall forward had two in a minute when Toby Bedford crumbed the ball while running full pelt, then passed it to Tom McDonald who passed it to Brown. The ball flew low and straight into the waiting goal.

With the match threatening to get away from Hawthorn, they went at Melbourne even harder, culminating in a free kick for Jacob Koschitzke. The key forward converted for his second. With the gap again back to ten points, the Hawks kept pressing. It seems like every team raises their game when facing the Dees but Hawthorn remembered how close they came last year and were well up for the fight.

Only leading by nine points at half time, Melbourne would need to play their best footy if they were to avert an upset. When Jacob Koschitzke marked 40m out and directly in front, the Hawks had the faithful believing.

Now Melbourne were under immense pressure but managed to break away to reach their forward fifty where Tom McDonald marked but was unable to convert. Ben Brown had a chance a few minutes later when Sam Frost chopped his arm going for the mark. Brown had his third and the Dees added to the daylight between themselves and the Hawks. Then Max Gawn took another mark just inside 50 and kicked his second.

Just as it looked like Melbourne was accelerating off into the distance, Hawthorn clawed one back. This time it was Chad Wingard who scored from 40m in front.
The villain of the afternoon Sam Frost gave away another free kick. Again it was Ben Brown who was the victim and beneficiary. Brown was felled 20m from goal and it was an easy conversion for his fourth goal which extended the lead to fifteen.

A classic passage of play from the Demons then stretched it further. Tom McDonald calmly kept the ball inside the boundary line, then kicked a bouncer to Jake Melksham who hand passed to Toby Bedford. Bedford sped up and kicked cleanly from 30m.

With the Dees finally nullifying Hawthorn’s attacks, they got the ball inside 50, where Sam Weideman took the perfect contested mark. Weideman went back and kicked Melbourne’s twelfth goal of the night. When you’re on a roll, everything seems possible. Certainly the way, first Fritsch then Luke Dunstan kept the ball inside the boundary line looked confoundedly easy. Dunstan’s acrobatic hand pass to Christian Petracca allowed the midfielder to duck and weave before launching a torpedo through the posts.

Trailing by thirty three points approaching three quarter time, a lesser team would have struggled to believe. The Hawks are chasers though and when Jaeger O’Meara chipped into the goal, the door was still open.

A five goal lead is a nice buffer but Melbourne would still need to be at their best in the final term. When Tom Mitchell was deemed held 20m to the left of goal, it was a case of thank you very much and the lead was cut to twenty two points. The Dees could have put the game beyond reach at the half way mark but Charlie Spargo just missed and Clayton Oliver hit the upright.

When James Worpel’s mighty running kick from 50m went through, the previous high lead had been cut in half. Just three goals separated the teams. Demon fans everywhere had run out of fingers and started on their toenails. The players themselves would have been bit a bit shaken too. Even Fritsch and Brown couldn’t steady nerves with their late shots on goal.

Hawthorn never relented and with fifteen seconds to go, Jacob Koschitzke marked just outside the square and kicked his fourth.

All in all a very good result considering how well the Hawks have performed this year and how many of Melbourne’s important players were missing.

Next week it’s St Kilda. The Saints are a contender for finals and may well end up in the top four. We welcome back Luke Jackson, along with Pickett, Sparrow, Petty and Neal-Bullen. Something tells me we will need everyone of them to be in top shape to overcome St Kilda. We can if we believe we can.

Go the Mighty Dees!!!

Watch Toby Bedford’s First Two AFL Goals – Round 7, 2022 here

Melbourne Over Power Port

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Round 4 – Port Adelaide V Melbourne

Liam Chambers

Playing away at Adelaide Oval is not for the faint hearted. The home fans are passionate and mostly hostile. Despite this, Melbourne took it all in their stride; even the PA system blasting out INXS couldn’t put them off.

The Dees kicked their first major within a minute, thanks to a mark taken by Bayley Fritsch, twenty metres from goal. After that, Port was able to spend a decent amount of time in Melbourne’s territory but were unable to overly bother their rivals. Each forward entry was easily dealt with by the Demons.

However we were unable to capitalise at the other end and it continued to be a low scoring quarter. Port maintained a superior inside 50 count but Melbourne’s back half proved too efficient and it was 3 – 9 at the break.

It was more of the same in the second quarter as the Power continued to play hard for no reward. Melbourne just seemed content to play their natural game and wait for the opportunities to present themselves. The chances came aplenty late in the term with Bayley Fritsch literally kick starting the process. After being awarded a free on the 50m line, he played on and launched a kick which spun into the waiting goal.

Then the floodgates opened, starting with a contested mark from Tom McDonald. Macca took a short run and converted from 30m out. Next Jack Viney had a set shot from the pocket and kicked the third of the quarter. After the bounce, Melbourne chaotically moved the ball towards inside 50 where Christian Petracca gathered up and handballed to James Harmes. Goal number five for the Dees!

Just before half time, with Port still goalless, Ed Langdon was awarded a free plus a 50m penalty. His kick, 20m from the goal line, only compounded the pain of the Power’s fans.

Then, as if they hadn’t suffered enough, Todd Marshall had a chance to kick after the siren. However the decision was reversed when Zak Butters had a rush of blood to the head and threw Jake Bowey to the ground, thereby denying Port a potential first goal.

Zac Butters had a chance of redemption early in the second half but his kick from the pocket missed to the near side. The Power kept pushing but was unable to to convert and eventually Melbourne broke back towards their forward half. Kysaiah Pickett’s vision to pick out James Harmes in front of goal, set up the midfielder’s second.

Port almost had their first major when Mitch Georgiades accelerated towards goal. Waiting until the last possible second to kick, his shot was blocked on the line by Jayden Hunt and James Jordan. Then Georgiades hand passed the rebound ball to Sam Mays whose subsequent kick was touched by Jordan. Has to be a contender for miss of the year (we need a new category at the Brownlows).

Max Gawn has developed a habit of scoring long distance goals. His effort from the 50m line to give the Demons a forty seven point lead was no exception. The silent Port fans were slowly being torn apart.

Finally though and with only four minutes remaining in the third quarter, Port Adelaide got their first goal. Sam Powell-Pepper was awarded a free kick on the 50m line. He quickly hand passed to Dan Houston who didn’t have a problem kicking from deep in the pocket.

The relief was palpable around the ground but Melbourne wasn’t ready to rest on their laurels yet. Luke Jackson marked in front of goal but was unable to convert. A minute later he had a second chance from a similar position and this time his aim was true.

Bayley Fritsch had possibly his easiest goal of the season so far when he marked Tom McDonald’s kick to the right of the posts. All Fritsch had to do was waltz through and kick his hat trick.

By now the match was beyond Port Adelaide’s reach. Facing a fifty three point deficit, they were solely playing for pride and to avoid racking up their lowest score in the Club’s history. Mitch Georgiades solve the latter when he was able to kick the ball off the turf just in front of goal.

Towards the end, Steven Motlop stepped around the Dees defence and snapped a goal. It became a late flurry for Port when Motlop was able to kick his second in the last minute.

Overall a great result for the Dees. We’re the only team to have won all of their first four games. We host the Giants in Round 5 and again nothing will be taken for granted. GWS was one of only four teams to register a win against Melbourne last season but I do fancy our chances.

Go the Mighty Dees!!!

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